past events


June 24, 2014
The Changing Landscape of Paperboard
Chip Dillon, Partner at Vertical Research Partners

April 16, 2014
Best practices from smart companies who are using CRM effectively
Gene Marks, President of the Marks Group

April 9, 2014
The challenges of introducing innovative packaging materials into the curbside collection programs
Krishna Nadella (MicroGreen), Toby Reid (Solegear), Norm Lee (Municipality of Peel) Erica Ocampo (Dow Chemical)

March 26, 2014
Market development of bioplastics–rigid and flexible packaging solutions and end of life options
Kristy-Barbara Lange (European Bioplastics), Constance Ißbrücker (European Bioplastics), Steve Davies (NatureWorks)

March 19, 2014
Active & Intelligent packaging solutions for brand protection
Eef de Ferrante (AIPIA), Geert de Vries (KPMG), Keith Cutri (Kodak Brand Protection Solutions)

March 12, 2014
Connecting the Value Chain: Collaborative Efforts to Increase the Recovery of Foodservice Packaging
Lynn Dyer (Foodservice Packaging Institute), Keefe Harrison (Resource Recycling Systems), Carol Patterson (Tim Hortons)

February 26, 2014
Finding Solutions for Marine Litter
Cathy Cirko (Canadian Plastics Industry Association), Nicholas Mallos (Ocean Conservancy), Darby Hoover (Natural Resources Defense Council), Ryan Williams (Method)

February 11, 2014
Verso’s purchase of NewPage: Outlook on an acquisition impacting the whole paper industry
Verle Sutton, Founder and Editor of The Reel Time Report

JANUARY 29, 2014
Importance of global food safety standards through the supply chain
Deb Krug Reyes (ConAgra Foods), Larry Dworkin (IFS PACsecure), George Gansner (IFS Management), Patrick Subban (Silgan Plastics)


DECEMBER 11, 2013
An outlook on Hispanic consumers in the U.S.
Leylha Ahuile, Hispanic Consumer Analyst and Strategist

DECEMBER 4, 2013
Marketing to Millennials
Brad Hanna, SVP Group Practice Leader at Barkley

NOVEMBER 6, 2013
The role and responsibility of manufacturers in informing consumer choices
Helen Munday, Director Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Coca-Cola North West Europe and Nordics

OCTOBER 23, 2013
Packaging design optimization–approach, eco-communication tool and case studies
Alan Blake (PAC NEXT), Marina Pietrosel (EEQ), Keith Fanta (Procter & Gamble)

OCTOBER 9, 2013
A commonsense solution to the postal service’s budget crisis
Rafe Morrissey, Vice President of Postal Affairs, Greeting Card Association

SEPTEMBER 25, 2013
The emerging food e-vangelist
Linda Eatherton, Director Global Food & Nutrition Practice at Ketchum

SEPTEMBER 11, 2013
Market themes for the future of beverages
Richard Hall, Chairman of Zenith International Ltd

AUGUST 28, 2013
Foreign investment in African Farmland: Opportunities and Risks
Dr. Claire Schaffnit-Chatterjee, Senior analyst at Deutsche Bank

AUGUST 7, 2013
How will Chinese wood products demand evolve as the U.S. housing recovery intensifies?
Brendan Lowney & Paul Jannke, Principals at Forest Economic Advisors (FEA)

JULY 23, 2013
Bioplastics: The sustainable plastics evolution
Hasso von Pogrell, Kristy-Barbara Lange, Constance Ißbrücker, European Bioplastics

JULY 10, 2013
How Logistics is Transforming Sustainability
Arnold Barlow, Senior Manager, Sustainability Solutions, UPS

JUNE 26, 2013
Looking into Packaging’s future
Keith Barnes, Chairman of the Packaging Society

JUNE 19, 2013
Latin America: A source for sustainable forest investments
Alexander Watson & Giuseppe Dal Bosco, Open Forests

JUNE 12, 2013
Sustainable Packaging: Assessment of European and U.S. markets and New trends
Jean-Baptiste Molet & Michael Richardson, SGS

MAY 29, 2013
Food, Beverage and CPG: Organic growth through innovation in 2013
Bryan Seyfarth, Ph.D. Consumer Goods Segment Leader, Sopheon’s Accolade

MAY 15, 2013
Packaging Sustainability: How to design our way out of trouble
Chris Sherwin, Head of Sustainability at Seymourpowell

APRIL 30, 2013
Competing for Print’s Thriving Future
Dr. Ronnie Davis, Senior Vice President, Printing Industries of America

APRIL 17, 2013
Turning Waste Packaging Into Massive Equity
Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle

APRIL 10, 2013
Paper Products–Environmental marketing best practices
Phil Riebel, President and COO, Two Sides U.S., Inc.

MARCH 26, 2013
Packaging technology as the new marketing tool
Eef de Ferrante, Director of AIPIA

MARCH 13, 2013
Packaging supply chain & purchasing management–building a world-class operation
Randy Phares, Founder of Dr. Box Consulting

MARCH 6, 2013
Forest health, the supply chain and sustainable paper products
Tom Pollock, Senior Program Manager, Forest Products at GreenBlue

FEBRUARY 20, 2013
Specialty Cellulose: Passing fad or new reality?
Christian Chavassieu and Maurice Perrenoud, CelCo Cellulose Consulting

FEBRUARY 6, 2013
Integrated Reporting: The next frontier of sustainability transparency
Aleen Bayard, Managing Partner, Footprint Partners & Mike Krzus, Founder, Mike Krzus Consulting

JANUARY 23, 2013
Understanding Farmland as an Investment
Marc Schober and Patrick Cheney, Colvin & Co. LLP


DECEMBER 5, 2012
Maintaining stable pricing for flexible packaging in times of turbulent raw material markets
Liam Barbary, Founder of Benchmark Consulting

NOVEMBER 14, 2012
The Rise of the Grocerant. Nontraditional retailers focusing on fresh food, portability and packaging to create family meal cohesion
Steven Johnson, Founder of Foodservice Solutions

OCTOBER 24, 2012
How grocery retailers and CPG manufacturers score with the eco-friendly shopper
Linda Gilbert, CEO of Ecofocus WorldWide

OCTOBER 3, 2012
Price & demand outlook 2013 for publication grade paper
Verle Sutton, Founder and Editor of The Reel Time Report

AUGUST 15, 2012
Exploring the risks that could derail the long awaited housing recovery
Brendan Lowney, Macroeconomist, Forest Economic Advisors (FEA)

MAY 17, 2012
Green messaging strategies: Attracting consumers without green washing your brand
Aleen Bayard, Managing Partner, Footprint Partners

MAY 10, 2012
Sustainable packaging: Will we ever close the loop?
Liz Shoch, Project Manager, GreenBlue/Sustainable Packaging Coalition

MAY 3, 2012
Sustainable packaging for organic and natural shoppers
Linda Gilbert, CEO, EcoFocus Worldwide

APRIL 26, 2012
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD): Benefits and challenges
Christine Burow, President, Christine Burow Consulting

APRIL 19, 2012
Social media strategies for food companies: How to use brand advocates to evangelize about your products
Jill Houk, Consulting Chef

MARCH 22, 2012
Trends in the Food Industry: Exploring the Relationships between the Hospitality and CPG industries
Jill Houk, Consulting Chef

Enhancing the Beverage Shopper’s Experience with Sustainable Packaging
Linda Gilbert, CEO, EcoFocus Worldwide

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and its impact on brand owners of paper, board packaging
Victor Bell, President, Environmental Packaging International

How the mobile media revolution will impact global graphic paper demand
Roman Hohol, Director Marketing Practice, AMEC

Sustainability, ROI and the bottom line: Making the business case for going green
Aleen Bayard, managing partner, Footprint Partners


Selling logs to China
Reid Carter, managing partner, Brookfield Timberlands Management

Price & demand outlook 2012 for newsprint, publication papers
Verle Sutton, editor, Reel Time Report

Managing and reporting sustainability metrics
Jennifer Woofter, Strategic Sustainability Consulting

The economics of oil and the paper industry
Brendan Lowney, Forest Economic Advisors

Understanding the Walmart Scorecard
Jennifer Woofter, Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Seize the competitive advantage of market intelligence
Seena Sharp, Sharp Market Intelligence

Emerging trends in food packaging
Linda Gilbert, EcoFocus Worldwide

The Global Packaging Project and its impact on the supply chain
Victor Bell, Environmental Packaging International

Adopting NIR technology for timber and pulp producers
Thanh Trung, FPInnovations

International timberland investment trends
Dennis Neilson, director, DANA

U.S. inflation risk outlook
Brendan Lowney, principal, Forest Economic Advisors

  • March 3: Dissolving Pulp and Cotton Forum (Diane Keaton, Brian McClay, Sharon Johnson)
  • March 17: Timberland REITs vs. Timberland Equity Investments (Jack Lutz, Brooks Mendell)
  • March 24: Reel Time Forum (Verle Sutton)
  • April 10: Pulp Forum (Diane Keaton)
  • April 14: Dissolving Pulp: Feast or famine for market pulp producers (Brian Mclay and Diane Keaton)
  • June 2: New money for US pulp and paper mills (Ben Thorp and Harry Seamans, BDC)
  • June 15: Beetlemania: The death of BC’s pine resources has been exaggerated (Forest Economic Advisors)
  • June 16: CelluForce CEO in conversation with Industry Intelligence (Jean Moreau, CelluForce)
  • June 23: Groping toward a housing recovery (Forest Economic Advisors)